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This is a complete list of all charities, non profit organizations and groups that have been nominated for funds raised during the Rock of Daytona – Rue and Ziffra You Decide the Ride Poker Runs.

Please use this guide to learn about groups and organizations that are working hard to help others. Share the information with your friends and family and get involved. “You Decide the Ride” was developed to help organizations in our community, not only through funds, but also through sharing information with others who would like to get involved.

Elaine Holts Horses

Cell Phone: (386) 562-7375 Website: Go Fund Me Page
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Elaine Holts Horses sponsor kids that have been through trauma, adhd, special needs  and  Autistic, whatever we can do to bring a child into the world of horses. I plan on eventually becoming certified to work with handicap kids. This all takes time and money. I am working hard to keep this going and i am dedicated. I appreciate all who donated and to those who will in the future . Thank you. Every child that comes to the stables and crawls on the horse for the first time, its the smile that gets me… then to watch a child saddle his her own horse for the lesson… priceless. To watch an autistic child transform …amazing. I want to continue my dream of helping kids … by letting our horses sooth the soul



Elaine Holts Horses received $414.00 from the first You Decide The Ride Poker Run. This organisation will be eligible to receive funds again on the May 2016 Ride. Thank you for supporting Elaine Holts Horses.

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