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This is a complete list of all charities, non profit organizations and groups that have been nominated for funds raised during the Rock of Daytona – Rue and Ziffra You Decide the Ride Poker Runs.

Please use this guide to learn about groups and organizations that are working hard to help others. Share the information with your friends and family and get involved. “You Decide the Ride” was developed to help organizations in our community, not only through funds, but also through sharing information with others who would like to get involved.

Haiti Deaf Academy

Work Haiti Deaf Academy PO Box 1680 Meridian ID 83680 US Work Phone: (208) 431-1167 Website: Haiti Deaf Academy Blog: Haiti Deaf Academy Blog
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We are finding deaf children living in remote areas or small communities who have no language and no hope for education. Many have families who have ostracized them and make no attempt to communicate with them. Unfortunately, as with some disabled children in developing countries, these deaf children are vulnerable to abuse and neglect. We aim to change the lives of these children.

Our vision is for the Deaf in Haiti to be empowered and self-reliant. Through the Haiti Deaf Academy, we provide language development, academic and spiritual education, vocational training, job placement and deaf advocacy training to enable the Deaf to become more visible and understood in Haiti.

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