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This is a complete list of all charities, non profit organizations and groups that have been nominated for funds raised during the Rock of Daytona – Rue and Ziffra You Decide the Ride Poker Runs.

Please use this guide to learn about groups and organizations that are working hard to help others. Share the information with your friends and family and get involved. “You Decide the Ride” was developed to help organizations in our community, not only through funds, but also through sharing information with others who would like to get involved.

Halifax Humane Society

Work Halifax Humane Society 2364 W. LPGA Boulevard Daytona Beach FL 32124 US Work Phone: (386) 274-4703 Work Fax: (386) 267-0651 Website: Halifax Humane Society
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The Halifax Humane Society exists to protect animals from cruel, neglectful and exploitative treatment.

It is the belief of the Society that all living creatures possess an intrinsic value, which is manifested in its creation. Further, the Society believes that mankind must become a responsible steward of animals which he has domesticated and brought under his control.

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