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This is a complete list of all charities, non profit organizations and groups that have been nominated for funds raised during the Rock of Daytona – Rue and Ziffra You Decide the Ride Poker Runs.

Please use this guide to learn about groups and organizations that are working hard to help others. Share the information with your friends and family and get involved. “You Decide the Ride” was developed to help organizations in our community, not only through funds, but also through sharing information with others who would like to get involved.

Pai in the Sky

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Pai in the Sky is a project development group with the goal to Recycle the Old Bus Station. Our historic building will house a long time local martial arts school, a cafe and bakery and a grocery and natural living store, Natural Concepts Revisited.

Natural Concepts Revisited will be a one stop venue for classes, resources and supplies for increasingly health conscious consumers in the area seeking alternative approaches to wellness. It will cater primarily to the currently under served historic Downtown, Midtown, Daytona Beachside and Old Daytona residential and tourist markets, including several CRA and redevelopment zones and encompassing a variety of demographics. The downtown Daytona Beach area is experiencing growth & expansion as well as a demographic shift toward revitalized historic architecture and green and sustainable growth. In light of this evolution, an innovative centralized resource is needed. It will be a clearinghouse for information and education with cooperative and complimentary products and services:

  • Organic grocery and nutritional supplement store including bakery and meat market
  • Cafe and coffee shop serving healthy made-to-order raw and prepared food alternatives, with appealing & attractive indoor or outdoor seating
  • Lending library and bookstore with a green and healthy living focus
  • Relocation of an established and thriving local Kung Fu and Tai Chi school including exercise and wellness areas
  • Rain barrel and hydroponic technology outlet and organic garden
  • On site web hosting available for vendors and service providers
  • Classroom and multimedia space suitable for hosting community events and educational seminars
  • Green and sustainable building technology will serve as a showplace and example to other regional businesses

This is a great community project to revitalize a historic building in downtown Daytona Beach. Something our community really needs. We have not been provided proof of a non-profit status forĀ  Natural Concepts Revisited. If they are not operating as a not for profit organization, they are still eligible for funds from a “You Decide the Ride” event, but only equal to the “Little Engine that Could” amount (10% of the total raised) from that event.

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