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For those that do not know, The Rock of Daytona’s Patti “RadioPrincess” was once a bar owner. In those days, she would host (or be a stop) on a Poker Run just about every weekend. Sometimes there would be several runs coming through on the same day. While poker runs are a lot of fun for riders and a good way to raise funds for those in need, Patti noticed that some runs would only have a handful of bikes and supporters. She also noticed that some of the rides were lacking excitement and seemed to be losing the interest of many bikers.

Patti had always thought it would be a great concept to have a ride where the participants got to choose who benefits from the proceeds. Scheduling a charity driven ride every three months would allow enough time for organizers to plan ahead, providing better planning, promotion and excitement to every ride. Patti also felt that the end of the ride party should be a BIG party and a celebration for the charities that would be receiving the proceeds. Her strategy was to increase the ride participation, generate more donation for several beneficiaries, and end the ride with an extra BIG celebration.

That is why “You Decide the Ride” was born. Not only do people have the chance to vote for their favorite charity or cause, they can also bring attention to charities that may not get that much support or are relatively unknown. In addition, people have a chance to nominate a small charity, a cause or even an individual in the Daytona Beach area that really needs the help. This allows anyone a chance to receive a portion of the proceeds.

Because people are passionate about their favorite charities, we hope that they will spread the word. A greater response results in a larger, more exciting ride generating more money for multiple charities. It is all about giving back and having a great time in the process. A BIG thanks to our title sponsor Rue and Ziffra PA as well as our Ride Sponsors and Ride Stops. We are looking forward to a great ride and many more to come.

5 Responses to About The Ride

  1. tammy says:

    if you don’t have a bike can you still be in the ride

    • Yes. You can participate in any type of vehicle. Everyone is encouraged to come along and to attend the after ride party.

    • Frank says:

      Yes. Cars are more than welcome to take part in the ride. It is a “go at your own pace” ride. So people leave at all different times. As long as everyone is out by the “last bike out” time and back before the “last bike in” time, you can enjoy the ride, the stops and the people on the ride. Thank you for asking.

  2. Julie says:

    Can I nominate a charity if it’s not on the list?

    • Yes, Just select “Other” and type in the charities name. Then give us a day or two to add it to the list. Once it shows up on the list, you can encourage all your friends and fellow supporters to vote for that charity.

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